Dr. Andy Yarborough

Dr. Yarborough carries a strong passion to care for the whole person. As a licensed clinical psychologist, he has devoted his life to guiding people into hope, wellness, and life.

In 2004, he began talking with his wife, Melody Yarborough, a nurse practitioner, about the possibility of starting a practice focused on holistic care. "Holistic," meaning integrating a person's physical health, soul health, relational health, and spiritual/existential growth into the treatment process.

In January 2015, The Well Clinic became the fruit of their 11 year dream, opening their doors in the greater Baton Rouge area of Louisiana where they both live.

However, through Dr. Yarborough's extensive life and professional experience, doors began to open quickly for him to reach far beyond Louisiana.

Over the years, he has worked with missionaries from all over the globe,  CEOs, church leaders and pastors, local non-profits,  college organizations, and individuals from many walks of life, socioeconomic backgrounds, and various clinical diagnoses.

Those experiences have placed in he and his team a desire to not just serve the community of Baton Rouge, but to provide content and resources that can be of help to anyone, anywhere seeking it out.

Rhythms is a part of that mission.

Through Rhythms, Dr. Yarborough seeks to equip everyday growth-minded individuals with the tools and frameworks they need to steward their souls so that they can better serve those around them.

The goal remains the same: guiding all people into hope, wellness, and life.


Dr. Andrew Magers

Dr. Magers is an existential, narrative, third-wave cognitive behavioral, theologically grounded, psychometrically guided, trauma informed, clinical psychologist, which is an admittedly comical way of simply saying that he believes the way we understand our stories dictates how we respond to the world around us.

Because of that, he finds deep meaning in helping others find peace, hope, and purpose.

In 2007, Dr. Magers became convinced of the value in not just addressing the physical problems with our flourishing, but the psychological issues as well.

So, he pursued his doctorate in clinical psychology at Wheaton College in Illinois, and has made holistic thinking a central part of not just his professional work, but also how he approaches life.

Through his training, he gained clinical experience working in multiple treatment settings, including an inpatient mental health unit, intensive outpatient program, juvenile detention center, college counseling, and private practice.

He is the founder and owner of the Renewal Health Group in Madison, MS, and he has worked with thousands of individuals, families, and churches across the southeastern United States to think holistically and pursue well-being biologically, psychologically, relationally, and spiritually.  

Dr. Magers's particular areas of specialty include the integration of psychology and theology, differential diagnostics, and the intersection of spiritual culture and practice. He has been apart of the Rhythms project since its beginning and is convinced of its potential to help guide people into hope, wellness, and life.