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In this 4-part video series, Licensed Clinical Psychologists Dr. Andy Yarborough and Dr. Andrew Magers teach core frameworks on how to overcome anxiety!

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Watch as Dr. Andy Yarborough and Dr. Andrew Magers,

the licensed clinical psychologists that curate Rhythms, take time to explain what Rhythms is, why they started it, who it's for, and how it can impact your life!


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Get Out of Chaos and Reach Your Potential

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Are you tired of feeling the chaos of life?

  • Your life lacks meaning or purpose

  • Feeling anxious, irritable, depressed

  • Want to be a better listener or communicator

  • Losing clarity in your leadership 

  • Stagnant in your growth

  • Distant from God and people


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Develop Into a Healthier You

So You Can Better Serve Others



Chaos is the number one thing keeping you from growing.

Chaos pulls you to try and fix everything outside of yourself (circumstances, environment, and other people). But addressing only the exterior perpetuates the problem.

Wholistic self-care demands that we take ownership of ourselves and what we actually have the authority to change.

Rhythms will equip you on how to put holistic self-care into practice so that you can begin to experience order and peace in your life.



Rhythms is an online content platform that provides you with video teachings and accompanying digital workbooks on different areas of health and wholeness (physical, mental, emotional, relational, etc.) so that you can be better equipped to care for yourself and others.

All of the content is overseen by licensed clinical psychologists that have helped thousands of individuals, teams, and organizations.

The content in Rhythms gives you proven frameworks and effective practices that they teach to nearly all of their patients and clients for growth and healing.

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Overcoming Anxiety

A 4-Part Video Series by Dr. Andy Yarborough and Dr. Andrew Magers

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